Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Review

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics - Mineral Primer, Eye Impact Cream, Lipgloss, Mascaraftc-press-buttonIn March at The Makeup Show LA, I received this great little package of Youngblood Cosmetics to try. It contains Youngblood Lipgloss, Outrageous Lashes Mineral Lengthening Mascara, Mineral Primer and Eye Impact Quick Recovery Cream. I love their lipstick (post to come soon), so I was very excited to receive this little sample kit.

First, I love Youngblood’s lipgloss and need to purchase deeper colors. It feels great on my lips. It goes on very smooth, is not overly shiny, and is non-sticky. When I look for a gloss, the first thing I look for is to make sure it is not sticky. I received color Coy, and it applied almost clear on my lips. I would imagine the color would show more for those with lighter skin/lips. It lasted as long as any regular gloss would, but my lips did feel softer with this applied. The site states these glosses contain natural oils and vitamins to condition and care for lips. How great is that?

The mascara was a miss for me. My lashes get weighed down easily, so I usually stick to waterproof formulas which don’t weigh down my lashes as much. It was a bit dry, but I’m going to attribute that to being in my drawer since March. (It is August!) It wasn’t clumpy, but didn’t really lengthen my lashes. No, I would not purchase this mascara for myself.

I love the fact Youngblood’s primer contains vitamins and minerals. It’s a very silky formula with a smooth-matte finish, and it fell in to all the right spots so my foundation just glided across my face. It’s very light and non greasy, and it helped a bit with my over-the-top-oily face. Overall, a great primer that I will be using until my bottle runs out. Sad face. Even if you think you don’t need primer, this is one to try.

I haven’t been using Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream long enough to give a thorough review, but my initial reaction is definitely positive. It feels cool when you apply it around your eyes, contains antioxidants and tightens a bit because of the caffeine. I don’t know if my eyes look more revived, but they feel more revived.

I’m really impressed with Youngblood. I plan to check out more products at upcoming makeup shows.


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