Whip Hand Cosmetics Set The Stage Makeup Primer

Whip Hand Set The Stage Primer
photo: Whip Hand Cosmetics

After hearing Kevin James Bennett (one of my favorite muas) speak so highly of this primer, and after reading all the rave reviews by makeup artists, I caved and bought Set The Stage Makeup Primer by Whip Hand Cosmetics. I had to find out for myself if this primer was as good as they say.

Am I glad I jumped on the Whip Hand bandwagon!! I am IN LOVE with this primer and am THIS CLOSE to tossing any other primer I have in my case.

What they say:

Create the perfect foundation for a flawless, photo-ready face with Set The Stage Makeup Primer™ by Whip Hand Cosmetics.
Set The Stage Makeup Primer fills, smooths and re-texturizes the skin in preparation for applying foundation. This unscented, ultra light-weight (but professional-strength) face primer goes on silky smooth before transforming into a light, matte micro-powder that provides exceptional binding properties beneath a wide-range of foundations, including cremes, powders and high-definition foundations.

What I say:

Just a small about of this product was enough for my entire face. It applied very smoothly and left a nice surface for my foundation to glide across. Looking at the texture, I was afraid it was going to be too greasy for my over-the-top oily skin, but I was wrong. It gave me a nice matte finish, and I blotted my face less often throughout the day.

My pores and the fine lines that are starting to creep up on me were filled in. And even without foundation, my face instantly looked smoother and healthier.

This is definitely a keeper!

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