Whip Hand Cosmetics – Medal of Honor Pigment Eyeshadow

Whip Hand Medal of Honor Loose Pigment EyeshadowI’ve had this color hanging around from my April BeautyArmy box, but just recently remember I had it! It was a small sample, about 1/5 the size of the actual pigment bottle from their special Camo Collection for BeautyArmy.

I was already impressed with Set the Stage Primer, so I was excited to try another Whip Hand Cosmetics product.

All I can say is this color is amazing! It blends perfectly well with my skin tone and makes my eyes pop. Medal of Honor has a heavy shimmer and really sparkles over the eyes, but not like a glitter. I love copper & gold shadows and am always on the hunt for the “perfect” shades. This is definitely at the top of my copper list right now! The site describes it as a gold, but it’s really more of a copper.

Even though the sample bottle is small, it gives you plenty of pigment to try. I’ve used this a few times and have barely made a dent in my sample. I can only imagine how long the full size bottles last!

Because it is a loose eye shadow, there is alot of fallout. I always do my eyes first so I don’t worry about trying to clean up a mess after my foundation has set. But other than fallout, I have no other issues. You’ll definitely want to wear an eye primer with this color, and maybe NYX white jumbo pencil to really make it pop!

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