Walgreens Disney Villains Collection – Quick Look

Walgreens Disney Villain Collection - Elf, Scunci, Kiss, Soho, ArdellI can’t get enough of this cute collection! Walgreens recently released a Disney Villains collection, available now. Soho Beauty Bags, Ardell Lashes, Scunci Hair, KISS Nails, and e.l.f. Cosmetics are all participating in this collection with their own unique items.

I was able to pick up all 4 e.l.f. Look Books, and will swatch them tonight to post for you tomorrow, so keep a look out! I also picked up the Ursula makeup bag for my upcoming San Francisco trip because The Little Mermaid is my absolute favorite Disney Princess story.

I hear the e.l.f. makeup palettes are running out in stores, so pick yours up soon. But if you wait, Nouveau Cheap posted on her blog that Walgreens is having a 25% off sale on the Disney Villains Collection on October 5th.

Disney Villains Collection - Maleficent Evil Queen Ursula Cruela De Vil DeVil

Walgreens Disney Collection Accessories

Walgreens Disney Villains Kiss Nails Collection

 Swatches added! Click here to see Disney Villains eye and lip swatches.

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