Two Extremely Easy Halloween Costume Ideas – Glam Cat Ears and Red Devil


Are you procrastinating on creating a Halloween costume? I’m still shopping for little details for my Minnie Mouse costume – like yellow heels. I’ve got the dress and ears, but yellow heels seem hard to find this time of year. If I don’t find anything by tonight, I might have to spend mucho dinero on overnight shipping.

If you’re unsure of what costume you want to rock on Halloween, here are two very simple and easy to do Halloween costumes anyone can create.

Costume Idea One: Cat Ears and Cat Eyeliner

Beautzy Blog Costume Idea - Cat Ears + Cat Eyes glam |

If you just don’t feel like dressing up but have to, this is the way to go. I saw these adorable cat ears at Torrid, and I couldn’t pass up getting them. Even though I’m going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, I needed a super quick, inexpensive and clean costume I could wear to work on Friday. As much as I want to go all out for work, I would get very uncomfortable working in full dress-up gear for 8+ hours.

How to: Grab a pair of cat ears, some thick black eyeliner, look-at-me lashes, and pink lipstick, and you’ve got yourself a cute kitty costume. Pair it with some sparkly heels for extra fun.

Extra: You can add whiskers if you want to go full cat, but this faux-diamond encrusted headband + eyeliner is all you need.

Costume Idea Two: Red Devil

Beautzy Blog Costume Idea - red glam devil |

The blinged out horns are another Torrid find.

How to: Start off by using an eye primer, thick black eyeliner, red lips and long lashes. Then, grab a bright or deep red eyeshadow like Make Up For Evert Artist Shadow in ME744 Poppy or Ardency Inn Modster Light-Catching Eye Powder in Teddy Boy. Using a small shadow brush, apply the red eyeshadow all around your eyes. Blend lightly, but the best thing about this look is the red color does not have to be perfectly applied or blended, so don’t worry about messing up.

Extra: Frizz up your hair and if you’ve got one, grab your pitchfork (or stop by Walgreens to buy one). If not, pair it with a red outfit and you’re set.

Don’t forget to top your makeup off with a setting spray. I like this one from Pixi Beauty, or if you’re going to be shaking your booty all night, this one from Urban Decay.

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