The Top 6 Non-Beauty Websites I Love to Visit

My Top 6 Favorite Non-Beauty Websitesnopurch-affonly
You know I love reading about the latest in beauty, but my world is filled with much more than makeup products. That’s hard to believe, looking at my home vanity and beauty blog! =D

When I venture out of my normal beauty sites like Sephora, Bellashoot and Birchbox, these are my top 6 non-beauty, non-shopping websites I visit, in no particular order AND not counting social media.

1. Cactus Hugs

I’ve been following this guy on the radio (when he was on the radio) for years, way back when he hosted a show with my friend Chanel in 2007. 2006? He’s funny, gets straight to the point and is always entertaining. Now he runs Cactus Hugs, a blog focused on the Palm Springs area. His posts are just as entertaining as his broadcasts were, but I do miss that excitement in his voice in live radio broadcasts.

2. Quirky

I love oddball finds and new inventions! Quirky is filled with items you didn’t know you needed, created by people just like you and me. This mesh-bottom beach bag and this cute makeup organizer are items I WANT, and they just make so much sense to buy.

3. Buzzfeed

I’m ALWAYS here. I especially love any Buzzfeed lists related to pets.


This is a new food blog to me that I simply adore. I’ve made a couple recipes and they are true to the blog name: yummy, healthy and easy. I let the hubby cook anything intricate (he loves to cook), and I take on the easier recipes because I dislike cooking. So we’re a perfect pair!

5. TheSitsGirls

This site has tons of great blogging tips and tricks! Whether you’re a new blogger or seasoned vet, you can find topics to improve your blog. They also host blogging boot camps every year, and I’m hoping when they release their 2015 dates, I’ll be able to attend one close to me.


Oh you didn’t know I love basketball? Heehee. I have to look up scores of all my favorite teams almost daily.

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