The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Katniss Victory Ball Tutorial

Until last weekend, I was never interested in watching The Hunger Games. I didn’t read the books, and even the movie trailers didn’t pull me in. But when I went to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at my MIL’s request, I fell in love with the movie!

I was quick to catch up to the story, and everything – from the makeup to the wardrobe to the storyline – really drew me in. I’m definitely going to Netflix the first movie and will try to read the books!

I was so drawn into the makeup, I really wanted to recreate some of Katniss’ looks. This Victory Ball makeup is my first (and my first ever tutorial — gotta start somewhere!). I hope you enjoy! If you have any requests, comments or suggestions, please let me know.

hunger-games-title1Katniss Red Eye Makeup Tutorial - Hunger Games Catching Fire Capital Ball / Victory Ball

makeup steps

Katniss Eye Makeup Tutorial - Hunger Games Catching Fire Capital / Victory Ball

1. Prime your eyes and apply a light highlight in the inner corners.

2. Optional – apply a gold highlight over and in the inner corner. I like the way gold looks on my tan skin! =)

3. Apply a red eyeshadow (I used Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadow in @#$%!) over the lid and above the crease.

4. Blend the red eyeshadow in a windshield wiper motion.

5. Line your top eyelid with a black eyeliner.

6. Just below the black wing line, apply a line of white eyeliner.

7. Line your lower lid in brown and slightly extend to be as long as the black line.

8. Apply white liner to the bottom waterline (optional) and false lashes.

Tutorial Products Used

Tutorial Products Used


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