TAT2U Body Art Ink Pen in Turquoise


Along with my fab Tat2U Rock Candy Matte Lipstick, I also received TAT2U Body Art Ink Pen in Turquoise at PHAMExpo.

TAT2U Body Art Ink Pen’s are semi-permanent and cosmetic grade felt tip pens that allow you to draw anywhere on your body. You can fill in a temporary tattoo for a bright and colorful design, or freehand pretty pictures across your skin.

Ink Pen has a double-ended tip. When one end dries out, pull the felt tip out of the pen, turn it around and place it back in.

tat2u-ink-pen-turquoiseTo test this pen out, I had my loving Concept Illustrator / Visual Effects Artist husband draw one of my favorite characters in the history of characters on my arm: Baby Groot. Don’t tell me we’re the only ones that saw Guardians of the Galaxy more than once?

tat2u-groot-arm body art ink pen turquoise

He is officially hooked on these pens. Turquoise Ink Pen applied very smoothly to my skin. It didn’t skip or bleed across my arm, and it dried fairly quickly.

Body Art Ink Pen will smear a little if you rub it with water, so set it with a light layer of a fine mist setting spray or makeup sealant. TAT2U also has their own sealer for Ink Pens and body art for only $8 a bottle.

This was so hard to wash off. Not because of the pen, but because this drawing was absolutely adorable and I didn’t want to remove Baby Groot. But I did, and I just used soap and water. It left very faint traces of color on my arm after I washed it, but the box does specify semi-permanent so I have no grief with it. If you have a strong makeup remover, I’m sure you could get it off with one wash.

Besides more Ink Pens, the next thing I have to buy is TAT2U Oops Pen for mistakes. I won’t always have my husband right next to me if I want to use this pen, and I can’t draw for diddly-squat. Something that can easily clean up errors or fade and blend multiple Ink Pen colors sounds like a must-have for me.

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