Tarte Moisturizing Creamy Lipstick Trio‏

Tarte Creamy Lipstick TrioI’m very excited to share my new Tarte lipsticks with you. Not because they’re glittery or super-expensive or come in crazy colors – they are not any of that. I’m excited to share because I’ve never tried Tarte lipsticks before. I didn’t know how moisturizing and wonderful these lipsticks were until now.

I purchased this Moisturizing Creamy Lipstick Trio from Sephora during the Christmas holiday, but I’m just getting around to using them. Why did I wait so long?!

Tarte Creamy Lipstick Trio SetThe set comes with 3 work-friendly and date-friendly colors in nude, pink and rose, and each of the 3 colors look like they work for every skin tone.

The lipsticks are semi-glossy, definitely not matte but also not enough gloss to look like lipgloss. They’re packed with Vitamin E to help nourish lips and prevent moisture loss. They are very soft and apply smoothly to my lips without any drag. My lips look very supple and moisturized after applying any lipstick from this trio.

Tarte Creamy Lipstick Trio Nude Pink Rose swatchesBesides being fabulous lipsticks, each tube also contains a small mirror for an ‘anywhere touch-up.’ As soon as you separate the lipstick and cap, a little mirror pops-up from the side. Close the mirror, put the cap back on and the mirror is locked in place until the next application.

Tarte Creamy Lipstick Trio Lipsticks MirrorsIt’s very handy to have, but even though I truly like the mirror, I do wish I had to manually open it. The mirror pops up automatically as soon as the cap and tube separate, which is great, but unnecessary. Still, I do carry a small purse when I go out and having a mirror on my lipstick is usually needed, as I almost always forget to bring one!

Are there any other products from Tarte I should try?


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