TAT2U Body Art Ink Pen in Turquoise

Along with my fab Tat2U Rock Candy Matte Lipstick, I also received TAT2U Body Art Ink Pen in Turquoise at PHAMExpo. TAT2U Body Art Ink Pen's are semi-permanent and cosmetic grade felt tip pens that allow you to draw anywhere on your body. You can fill in a temporary tattoo for a bright and … [Read more...]

Tat2U Matte Lipstick in Rock Candy

I was introduced to Tat2U at PHAMExpo this year. I've seen it here and there, but with so many other brands I was focused on, I never got to checking Tat2U out. It wasn't until PHAMExpo that I actually had a chance to swatch and play with their products. Everything I tried felt superb in quality … [Read more...]