Two Extremely Easy Halloween Costume Ideas – Glam Cat Ears and Red Devil

Are you procrastinating on creating a Halloween costume? I'm still shopping for little details for my Minnie Mouse costume - like yellow heels. I've got the dress and ears, but yellow heels seem hard to find this time of year. If I don't find anything by tonight, I might have to spend mucho dinero … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas by Mayela Vazquez

Halloween is right around the corner, and I finally received and tried on my costume Saturday! I was initially going to go as a feminine version of Chewbacca since a few family Members are dressing as Star Wars characters - my husband will be suiting up in his 501st Sand Trooper gear, my sister will … [Read more...]

Fun Fun Fun! Special Effects Class at Cinema Secrets

I've been attending April Love Makeup Academy for the past few weeks, and I am so glad I chose this school over one other in the area. I'm putting together a review of different makeup schools in Southern California, but we'll save that for another day. April Love holds continuing education … [Read more...]