3 Excellent Uses for Evian Facial Spray

One thing I love in the beauty product world is a multi-tasking product. Give me something I can use on my cheeks and lips or eyes and I’m happy. A dab here, a pinch there and I’m good to go! This product is completely different, of course, as it has no color, but is a nice multi-tasking item I … [Read more...]

Makeup by One Direction Limited-Edition Beauty Tins + Giveaway

Did anyone get their hands on the first Makeup by One Direction products? They were fun to play with, but these new sets are even better! Markwins just released a new collection of 1D makeup – 5 limited edition tins packed with products. There is one tin for each band member: Harry, Zayn, Niall, … [Read more...]

Paula Dorf 2 + 1 Brows Review

Brows are extremely important. They can define your face, offer expression, and change your look if applied differently. They’re also very personal. Everybody likes their brows done a different way. I found that out on my wedding day. My makeup was amazing, but I had the makeup artist thin and … [Read more...]

Get great skin with Exuviance – Evening Restorative Complex & Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster

My skin was feeling drab for a while. I’m usually really good about my skincare, but several weeks ago I just got lazy. I would wipe off my makeup in the evening with a makeup cleansing wipe, and then go to bed. After battling makeup, pollution and stress all day, your skin needs extra-special care … [Read more...]