Beautylish Lucky Bag 2016 Review

Don't you hate those moments where you completely ignore your gut, and of course that gut feeling turns out to be right? That is exactly what I went through with the 2016 Beautylish Lucky Bag. I don't hate the bag I received, but I am also not a big fan of it. The Lucky Bags went on sale December … [Read more...]

Beautylish Lucky Bags 2016 are back

[UPDATE: I did order a bag. Check out what I received!] Beautylish is once again going to offer their mystery Lucky Bags full of their favorite products. Get $150+ worth of products for $75, and some orders will include extra surprises. Lucky Bags go on sale December 26th and you can sign up … [Read more...]

Beautylish Lucky Bags 2015 – Bold

My husband is the greatest guy ever! After I told him about these Lucky Bags from Beautylish (before they went on sale), he asked me which bag I was getting. And then he asked two more times. As it turns out, after I purchased my MUA Bag, he logged on and purchased me a Bold Bag! He had it delivered … [Read more...]

Beautylish Lucky Bag 2015 – MUA

Did you scoop up a Beautylish Lucky Bag? Beautylish released three versions of Lucky Bags on December 26th: Bold, Natural and MUA. You weren't privy to what was in them - they just said the value of these $75 mystery bags would be at least $150. They all sold out pretty quickly. MUA and Natural … [Read more...]

Beautylish Lucky Bags 2015 on sale today!

Beautylish just released 3 versions of their 2015 Lucky Bags: Bold, Natural or MUA (sold out). Each bag costs $75 and contains an assortment of beauty goodies worth $150+. The Bold Lucky Bag is for anyone who likes to stand out in a crowd, wear bright colors and express their creative spirit … [Read more...]