Sugarpill Cosmetics @#$%! Eye Shadow

Sugarpill @#$%! Eye Shadow SwatchI picked up this amazing, brand new release eye shadow by Sugarpill Cosmetics at PHAMExpo. One swatch and I knew I had to have it.

@#$%! is a fabulous reddish-pink with amazing sparkle. The photo above does not do the color justice – it’s bright, fun and a must-have color in my book. The name itself is too cute!

@#$%! is very pigmented and does contain glitter, but the glitter isn’t chunky and does not cause alot of fallout. I love how it sparkles as you move.

I noticed after application that the whites in my eyes looked so much whiter than before. Just like teeth, certain reds help to make whites (or near whites) brighter!

Because @#$%! is very pigmented, it will lightly stain your eyelids, but after removing my makeup before bed and then washing my face again in the morning, I noticed I did not have any more staining.

I was told @#$%! is expected to be released this Fall, along with other new collections!

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