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The skin on my arms and legs is typically dry. I usually use thicker lotions and creams because the “regular” lotions don’t seem to work well for me. My skin just feels dry again an hour later.

Just like makeup, I’m always on the hunt for an awesome product to save the day. I hate worrying about my ashy body parts.

I was introduced to Naturally Fly a few weeks ago and have been trying out their body butters since then. Each of their 6 body butters contains various ingredients to help the skin in different ways: minimize stretch marks and dark marks, anti-aging, psoriasis defense, acne fighting and more. Some do more than one, including simply hydrating the skin!

So far, I love them! But I’ll go into detail a little more about the 2 I’ve used:

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First though, this isn’t a typical body butter. It doesn’t have a lotion-like texture you would normally expect. It’s more of an airy, whipped butter, and a little bit goes a LONG way. I grab the tiniest bit and am able to fully moisturize my arms, hands, legs and feet. You rub it between your palms until your natural body heat warms the body butter up, then apply.

As you’re applying, it feels a little bit greasy, probably due to the natural oils. But as soon as your skin absorbs the body butter, it leaves no greasy feeling – just soft skin. I did find that at first, my palms felt a bit slick. I just grabbed too much the first few times I used this. I rubbed the lingering body butter into my body or over my chest area and my hands were fine after that. You really need only a small amount to fully moisturize your body.

Midnight Mango body butter is an ultra-rich formula with vitamins A and E and really hydrates your skin. It contains 100% unrefined shea butter that is enhanced with extra virgin avocado oil, which is a natural retinoid. It also contains vitamin C to rejuvenate your skin.

Midnight Mango smells delicious – like a tropical vacation. It’s quite pleasant and very much mango. If you are sensitive to scents, it’s probably too strong for you.

My arms and legs, especially my rough spots like elbows and heels, have smoothed out immensely. No more scratchy bows! I can see an improvement in my skin’s texture – it looks more hydrated and overall healthier. Plus, the age-defying ingredients make me want to apply Midnight Mango every day.

Honey Punch contains 100% unrefined shea butter, just like Midnight Mango, but also contains honey, a natural skin-softening ingredient. Honey also contains natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making this perfect to reduce and fight the appearance of acne and red, inflamed skin.

Honey Punch doesn’t have as strong a scent as Midnight Mango, but it does smell sweeter and exactly like honey… or a Bit-O-Honey candy bar!

I don’t have acne, so I cannot vouch for the product’s ability to fight it, although honey is a well-known antiseptic. I can say that this left my skin just as silky as Midnight Mango.

Applying these lotions twice a day (morning and night) has left my body feeling hydrated and healthy. I don’t remember the last time I felt this comfortable with my skin’s appearance.

You can find the entire collection of Naturally Fly Body Butters at

The products in the post were provided by Naturally Fly for review purposes. My opinions in this post are my own and not affected by any press product.


  1. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    I prefer butters over lotions any day. These sound wonderful and being natural is just another great plus! Thanks for your honest review and sharing

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