Star Wars Celebration 2015 [Photo Heavy]


Star Wars on a beauty blog? Absolutely! This event was so fun, I had to share it beyond social media.

Star Wars Celebration 2015 was held at the convention center in sunny Anaheim, California, not too far away from Disneyland and about 2 hours away from me. The convention was packed with Star Wars fans, enthusiasts, cosplayers and retailers. Although we had a 4-day pass, we were only able to attend 3 days due to my husband and my work schedule.

I’ve been to lots of comic conventions before [SDCC, Comikaze, WonderCon], but this was the first movie-specific convention I’ve been to. It was amazing to see how much of an effect these movies still make today, especially Episodes 4, 5 and 6.

My husband is a proud member of the 501st Legion – a fun, all-volunteer group of fans representing characters from the Star Wars saga. He is a Sandtrooper and Executive Officer of the MEPD Detachment (the Sandtrooper group in the 501st). If you saw his shaved head, rough scowl and basketball gear, you would never guess how much of a Star Wars fan he truly is. He is the reason I love Star Wars so much. His SW influence started off slowly, then BAM – he hit me with it hard once I started becoming interested. Now I can’t get enough.

Star Wars Celebration 2016 will be held in London, so I don’t think we’re going to make that one, but we’re planning to go to the 2017 event, wherever it may be held!


Zombie Trooperbeautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-2

beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-3 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-4 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-5 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-6

Spaceballs and Star Warsbeautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-7

I love Ewok Ted! And look at his 4-day pass!beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-8 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-9

Some Members from the Inland Empire Squadbeautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-10beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-11 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-12 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-13

This photo is one of my faves. New Episode 7 cosplay surrounded by Sandtroopers.beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-14 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-15

Peter Mayhew – Chewbaccabeautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-16

The 501st group photo. It was a long, hot day in the sun for this one. They should have had everyone on the floor and someone taking photos from the stairs. There are numerous people on the floor that can’t be seen from this angle.beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-17

MEPD – Sandtrooper Detachmentbeautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-18

I. Want. This.beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-19 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-20

beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-22 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-23 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-24 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-25

Ray Park – Darth Maul – showing us he still has it!beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-26 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-27

Even Duff was in attendance!beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-28 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-29 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-30 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-31 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-32 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-33 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-34

This woman is my hero. She looks amazing as Leia and obviously doesn’t give a rats ass what anyone else thinks.beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-35 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-36 beautzy-blog-star-wars-celebration2015-37


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