Fun Fun Fun! Special Effects Class at Cinema Secrets

Cinema Secrets Special Effects Makeup Demo

I’ve been attending April Love Makeup Academy for the past few weeks, and I am so glad I chose this school over one other in the area. I’m putting together a review of different makeup schools in Southern California, but we’ll save that for another day.

April Love holds continuing education classes for grads and students, and Sunday I was more than happy to attend a special effects makeup demo at Cinema Secrets in Burbank, hosted by Special FX Makeup Artist Takuo Kanemaru.

I had a blast learning how to recreate bruises, infections and bite wounds. Takuo is amazing and works quickly, but efficiently. He has been working in makeup for the past 14 years and was trained by the masters in makeup: Maurice Stein, Rick Baker, Stan Winston, and Barney Burman, among others.

Cinema Secrets is THE place to pick up all of your Halloween goodies, costumes and effects. If you’re planning a trip to CS, make sure you go well before Halloween. The store gets so packed with customers, the line wraps outside around the store.

Enjoy the photos from the event. I plan to try out a few bruises and scrapes for Halloween.

wall-to-wall foams, latex and fx kits
Cinema Secrets Burbank Foams Latex Masks and more

Cinema Secrets Burbank Halloween Products

bruises and scrapes  Beauty and Special FX Takuo Kanemaru

Cinema Secrets Special FX Bruises

infection makeup… she better go get that checked out!
Cinema Secrets Infection Special Effects Makeup

Cinema Secrets Infection Special FX Makeup

  bite wound effect… wouldn’t want to see what he turns into after getting that bite!Cinema Secrete Bite Wound Special Effects

Cinema Secrets Vicious Bite Wound Blood Effect

really cool vampire effect Takuo created before class
Vampiress Special Effects SFX

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