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As much as I love makeup, I realize the real power is in your skincare. Healthy and fresh skin will always help makeup look better. I didn’t always treat my skin super nice in my 20s, but now in my 30s, I’m doing whatever I can to maintain the youthfulness of my skin.

But there are times when I could use a break from my skincare routine. Not because I’m tired of it or I’m tired myself, but because I feel I may need an extra boost of care once or twice a week, especially after a long and tedious work week.

I do use masks, but when my skin is feeling especially down, I reach for a product I was given at Cosmoprof North America last year: Skinn Cosmetics Take The Weekend Off.

Take the Weekend Off is an overnight leave-on treatment that helps to purify your skin, rid it of dirt & grime, and destress skin, while also providing anti-aging benefits. This is a product you use once or twice a week instead of your nighttime moisturizer (and wash off in the morning). You can use a serum under, but I find the cream alone is enough for me.

It’s a little thick, which worried me at first because I have oily skin. But luckily it hasn’t made me any more oily than normal. It doesn’t feel too greasy, which is great because I hate when products feel gloopy! It does take a bit to soak in, but once it does, it doesn’t feel heavy or gross.

When I wash my face the next morning, my skin feels baby soft. It’s amazing. And my makeup applies so much smoother since my skin is so plump.

I have only ever used it once or twice a week, but if you have extra dry skin, I can see this cream becoming a nightly ritual because of how much it hydrates.


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