Sephora’s New Rewards are Truly Epic

I received an email from Sephora this morning that made my jaw drop – new Epic Rewards coming on August 10. Last time they released mega rewards, a fiasco ensued. Many VIB Rouge members (including myself) did not get an email letting us know the rewards were available, so by the time we logged on, all rewards were gone.  Lots of people were angry and vented their frustrations on Reddit, Facebook, and Sephora customer service.

I’m happy they are actually giving the date for this one. If I need to stay up all night to get that YSL book or Kat Von D set, then I’m gonna!

I have almost 5k points, so even though I’m extremely sad I won’t be able to grab the trip to Paris reward, I’m happy there are many 2k and 5k point rewards that I love!

Check out all the rewards below. The details and images below can be found on

sephora-rewards-image1 sephora-rewards-image2

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