Sephora Flash – Free 2 Day Shipping

Sephora is getting wiser! Must be their 15th anniversary. 😉

I received an invitation today for Sephora Flash – a new program that allows you to receive free 2-day shipping after paying a $25 enrollment fee.

I LOVE this idea. My orders usually average just under $50, so either I pay a $5.95 shipping charge or add something I don’t need to hit $50.  And if I need it even faster I’ll receive a special overnight shipping rate of $5.95.

Looking at my past orders, I’ve placed 4 orders so far this year. One I paid $5.95, one with free shipping, and two that I added an item to hit $50. There were also plenty of times I didn’t order because I simply did not want to spend the $5.95 shipping fee.

I’ll definitely be shopping more, but I can’t resist. $25 for a full 12 months? Yes, sign me up please!

Sephora Flash


  1. Dion says:

    AGREED! Just like Amazon Prime this is a great idea. I got an invite though for $10 for the year, VIB. LOVE it already, and have put in 2 orders because of it!

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