Sample Wednesday: Guerlain & Givenchy Mascara Fun Day

Sample Wednesday - Mascara Guerlain & Givenchyftc-affiliate-button

Don’t you love free samples? I know I do, but they don’t get used or tested like they should. I have stacks of free samples that are just sitting there, waiting to be loved. I usually throw hair care samples into my travel bag so I don’t have to take large bottles, but other than that, I’ll try a skin care or makeup sample every once in a while.

I decided to start trying and posting about my samples in hopes I’ll find new products I love and as a way to go through as many as I can. I have them for a reason – time to make use!

Just like my Friday Makeup Star, I’ll post on occasional Wednesdays, but this time sharing both my likes and disgusts.

beautzy blog liner divider - blueSometimes samples are not big enough for me to figure out if I’m going to buy the product or not, but there are times those free samples provide enough product for me to make up my mind over the effectiveness, quality and cost.

Since I’m always on the hunt for great mascaras to make my teeny tiny lashes longer, today I’m testing out 2 high end mascaras: Guerlain Cil D’enfer and Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes, both $30 and non-waterproof versions.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might know that I prefer waterproof mascaras for several reasons: I have allergies, which means watery eyes, and waterproof formulas don’t cause my eyelashes to droop straight like a non-waterproof does.

Sample Wednesday - Mascara Guerlain & Givenchy

Guerlain provided a nice, resealable sample of Cil D’enfer, which can probably give you 3 or 4 applications. Cil D’enfer made my eyelashes droop immediately. I applied 2 coats, then curled them back up with my Ulta brand heated eyelash curler. I also noticed a lot of smearing, something my watery eyes just cannot deal with. I also didn’t notice much lengthening or volumizing. On a positive note,  Guerlain Cil D’enfer is very easy to take off with a makeup wipe. You don’t have to rub, just glide the wipe along your eyes and it removes easily.

This is definitely suited for someone who doesn’t have to deal with watery eyes and already has lush lashes.

Givenchy’s mascara gave my lashes some length after 2 coats and a bit of volume. This also made my lashes droop, but not as much as Guerlain’s. Just like above, I curled them back up with my Ulta heated eyelash curler. There was no smearing or smudging with this mascara! Yay! I’ve never jumped on the ball applicator bandwagon, so it was a bit awkward to get used to it. It should work better after try #2, unfortunately there was only enough for one application, as the sample didn’t seal back up again like Guerlain’s.

Because of its durability, it’s best to take this mascara off with a cream or oil makeup cleanser. It does not remove easily with a makeup wipe, so don’t try it!

Mascara Guerlain & Givenchy Samples on EyesI think I’m going to pass on Guerlain’s mascara, but I might pick up the waterproof version of Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes. This sample worked mildly well for my case, but the waterproof formula might be just what I’m looking for!

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