Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss – Spider-Man 2 Electric Chrome Series

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Electric Chrome SpidermanHow cute are these Revlon lipglosses? I picked up 2 colors last week at Walgreens, and I cannot stop using these pretty glosses. I am a comic-book movie junkie, so I knew I had to have them.

I picked up Killer-Watt, a fun, glittery magenta, and Electro-Shock, a sparkly blue. There is also a third color I didn’t grab – Sparks Fly, a reddish-coral shade, from what I remember.

Both shades are very glittery and glossy with a hint of color, and they work well on top of a lipstick for extra oomph, shine and shimmer, or on their own for light color with lots of sparkle.

Revlon Spiderman Lipglosses SwatchesThey do not feel sticky, which is the first think I look for in a gloss. The scent is a basic lipgloss scent, but slightly sweeter, and I can only smell it when I hold the bottle against my nose. I can’t smell anything while wearing the gloss. The caps have a very cute gold Spider-Man web on top.

Electro-Shock blue is definitely interesting, but because it has a light purple cast, it’s easily wearable. It’s very transparent, so much more than Killer-Watt, so it doesn’t show up too much – if at all – on the lips. But you can definitely see the shimmer and light purple-cast over changing light.

Elector-Shock over Forever FuchsiaElectro-Shock over NYC Forever Fuchsia

Killer-Watt is a brilliant, yet translucent bright pink that goes very well over pink-toned lipsticks. In both photos, I applied NYC Forever Fuchsia, then applied a layer of Lustrous Lipgloss.

Killer-Watt over Forever FuchsiaKiller-Watt over NYC Forever Fuchsia

You can see the sparkle and shine better in this blurry photo:

These limited edition shades were also released with a set of amazingly pretty chrome nail polishes.  I don’t know how long they are out, so get yours soon!

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