Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Limited Edition Eyelining Set

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If there is one thing I hoard, it’s makeup brushes. I like having spares when mine get too dirty and there is no time to wash, but mainly, I just like collecting brushes. Most of them I place in my professional kit, but I keep quite a few for myself. If the brush is truly amazing, I will buy two – one for me and one for my kit.

One thing I felt was lacking from my personal brush collection was more eyeliner brushes. I really needed a small, pointed tip brush and a second thin, angled eyeliner brush.

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During a recent shopping trip, I immediately found what I was looking for when I saw the Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Eyelining Set. It had both brushes I was looking for, plus 2 other ones I could definitely use, all in a gorgeous metallic purple design.

It also came along with a pretty silver brush pouch for toting your brushes, but I like my brushes all in one place – on my desk in a case where I can see them all, so I’ll figure out what to do with the pouch later. Travel tooth brush holder? Pencil case? I don’t know yet.

Real Techniques Eyelining Set - names of brushes |

This collector’s edition set is made up of synthetic bristles, and contains the following brushes (descriptions are from the back of the box):

Precision Liner Brush: Ultimate control of the perfect line

Smudge Brush: designed for enhancing the eye with a smoky effect

Eyeliner Brush: firm, angled head for optimal control along the lash line

Pointed Liner Brush: flat, tapered head designed to create both thin and thick lines

I like the Real Techniques brand because they have great quality brushes at a lower price point. This Your Eyes/Enhanced Eyelining Set of 4 brushes + pouch costs about $20 and can be purchased  at Target or

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