PopSugar Must Have Box – May 2014

PopSugar Must Have Box Review May

Yay! I received my May 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box today and I love it. I’m not going to lie – when I first opened up the box I wasn’t as ecstatic. But pulling out all the items and looking at them individually really changed my mind, and I’m so glad & thankful to receive this box from PopSugar to review.

PopSugar’s summer-themed box is the perfect way to prep for the season. Let’s go through the products:

PopSugar Must Have Box - One Day Fat Blast & Hi I'm Skinny Sticks

Tone It Up One Day Fat Blast
Two of my goals this year are to eat healthier and exercise more, but that hasn’t been going as well as I would like. I started doing yoga again, which I love and will help me with my back problems, but I need to add another exercise, and this looks pretty fun. $15

Hi I’m Skinny Sticks in Multi-Grain Sweet Onion
Of course I cracked open the bag before I took a pic. These chip replacements are pretty tasty. They taste a bit like Funyuns, but mild and without the Funyun kick. I love Funyuns, but I kicked them to the curb, so I’m on board with these yummy snacks. $4

PopSugar Must Have Box - OCC Nail Lacquer Pool Box, Karry Cassill Eye Mask & SmellBent St. Tropez

St. Tropez Perfume by SmellBent
LOVE the company name – SmellBent. The scent is definitely unique, beachy and coconutty, but it’s too much of a musk for me. I prefer florals or sweets. The scent is very strong, so I’m going to hand it off to a friend or use it as a room deodorizer. $45

OCC Nail Lacquer in Pool Boy
Isn’t this blue amazing? It’s so bright and pretty – perfect for summer. Definitely going to be rocking this color on my piggies this week. $10

Kerry Cassill Eye Mask
I’ve never used an eye mask, but will give this a try. It should be especially helpful when the hub is still watching TV late at night. $24

PopSugar Must Have Box - Citrus Zinger by Zing AnythingPopSugar Must Have Box - Citrus Zinger by Zing Anything

This is my favorite product of the box! I’ve been meaning to buy a water bottle I could add fruit to, but never got around to it. Uber glad I procrastinated on that because one came in my box.

Citrus Zinger by Zing Anything
Citrus Zinger is an infuser to mix your fruit and water so you get a delicious drink with the added benefits of fruit. Unscrew, add a lemon or mandarin to the press, twist, then screw the cap back on. The fruit mixes with the water to give you a refreshing beverage. You don’t have to stick with citrus. You can add strawberries, blueberries, mint or anything else to sweeten your beverage without refined sugar. It retails for only $17, so this is a great buy. Can’t wait to take it to work with me tomorrow!

You can get your own PopSugar Must Have box at popsugar.com. Save $10 off a 3-month subscription with code MAYSELECT10.

The products in the post were provided by PopSugar. My opinions in this post are my own and not affected by any press product.

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