Ofra Cosmetics Review

ofra-cosmetics-bannerI was first introduced to Ofra Cosmetics this year at The Makeup Show. I was going to walk by without stopping, but my friend wanted to take a peek at their products. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of products they produce.

I picked up 4 brushes, all of which were super soft and very inexpensive, and a translucent powder compact which I keep in my purse to help me with my shiny moments throughout the day – along with a whole lot of blotting sheets! The powder is finely milled and doesn’t leave a white cast. I’ve been using the brushes constantly and they are still soft and easy to work with.

I received the cute lip palette and blush as a free gift for following them on Facebook. {Best Facebook gift ever!} Although I have yet to try the blush, I have used the lip palette trying to find a fun shade of red. I’m not going to hype up the palette as a must buy, but it’s nice enough for me to keep and use when I want to go red.

Overall I’m excited about Ofra and hope to see them at The Makeup Show 2014!

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