Morphé Brushes Grand Opening Event

Morphe Brushes Burbank Grand Opening AugustI was fortunate to be invited to the Morphé Brushes Grand Opening on Sunday, August 11th. I had a blast and got to have a great time with 2 other fab beauty bloggers: Ahleessa4Realz and House of Nakashiima.

The evening began with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, then a browse through Morphé’s new brick and mortar store. It was really wall-to-wall brushes. I was in love! Morphé Brushes are inexpensive and great quality, and I use them regularly. I picked up a few more and took advantage of the grand opening discount. I plan to stop by again soon and pick up more of their highly pigmented eye shadows.

{DEAL ALERT: If you’re in the LA area, stop by Morphe Brushes in Burbank and score a 40% discount through August 17th. Their brushes are amazing and already priced low. With 40% off, you can’t miss!}

There were so many of my favorite makeup artists there I couldn’t keep track. I’m a huge fan of Koren Zander and made sure to pick up a new brush soap from his line. As soon as I saw Daniel Chinchilla, I veered through the crowd to say hi. I adore him! And for the rest of them, I quietly stood back and admired. 😉

Enjoy the photos of the night. Swag pics are at the bottom.

Morphe Brushes Cosmetics Business Sign

Love these Violet Voss Glitters!Violet Voss Glitters

I had to pick up one of Koren’s Brush Soaps. They clean well and make my brushes super soft.Koren Zander Brush Soap Morphe Makeup Cosmetics Brushes Morphe Cosmetics Makeup Palettes

Can you name them all?Morphe Brushes Makeup Artists Internet Makeup

Morphe Brushes Live Body Painting

Everything about this valet is so fabulous. Thanks for the photo, Liz.Morphe Valet

My purchases:morphe9-purchased

My free swag includes 4 Morphe Brushes, Stilazzi Cuticle Pusher, mini Brush Soap and mini Violet Voss glitter!morphe10-swag

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