MODA by FOREO – Instant, Digital Makeup Artistry?


I just watched the most amazing, wish it was true video: MODA by FOREO.

MODA is described as the world’s first digital makeup artist. Using 3D printing and facial scanning, this machine will apply makeup to your face in 30 seconds.

You pick a celebrity makeup look or upload your own, connect your smartphone with the machine, then stick your face in the machine and it will print a full face of makeup on you in three steps: 1. primer, 2. foundation, highlight & contour, and 3. eye, lip & cheek makeup.


FOREO is the brand behind the Luna facial-cleansing devices and ISSA silicone toothbrushes.

I am excited about this breakthrough technology and the possibility of what it can do, but I also have tons of questions.

1. Is this real? No, no it is not real as I half expected. Too bad, but you never know. Technology like this might not be that far away.

How long does the ink makeup last? Can more than one person use the machine? How far in do you stick your face and if you are off slightly, will your makeup be off? How does it blend makeup? How does it fully work? How much is it?

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