Mehron Skin Prep Pro is a Must Have for Oily Skin

Mehron Skin Prep Pro ReviewI purchased Mehron Skin Prep Pro at The Makeup Show at a special price of $8 (normally $9.95). Skin Prep Pro is one of the best $8 purchases I have ever made!

Where do I begin with this product?

From the Mehron website:
SKIN Prep PRO acts as a moisture barrier between your skin and the makeup you wear giving you a longer lasting fresh look under the most extreme conditions!

I sponge on Skin Prep Pro with a makeup sponge after my skincare dries, let it set for a moment, then apply my face. If I know it’s going to be an especially humid or warm day, I let the first layer dry then apply a second layer.

It helps to stop moisture from showing through and keeps me looking shine free for hours.

I have a crazy oily face… It’s not a cute look so I am constantly whipping out my blotting sheets at work and removing the shine. I start a couple hours after coming to work, and then again after lunch, and then again around 3:30pm. By the time 5 o’clock rolls around, I don’t care what I look like anymore so I just roll with whatever my face looks like. I really do go through blotting sheets like candy. Nom nom.

Skin Prep Pro kept me shine free for hours. HOURS. I had 10am face at 4pm. And after I blotted away the shine at 4, I didn’t feel the need to blot again. I looked pretty and dewy, not sweaty and shiny. The first day I tried it, I kept looking at my face throughout the day, studying all my pores to see when the sebum would start to roll out. Needless to say, I did not have a very productive day at work.

This is not a miracle product, so don’t expect to be completely shine-free for a 16 hour day. But it will minimize the amount your face sweats and oils greatly.

When you initially apply Skin Prep Pro, your face feel a little tight as it dries. This does go away within minutes of applying your foundation. There was no white cast on my face, and I didn’t notice a funny smell.

Because it does prevent your face from sweating and slicking up, I won’t use it everyday. I have been using it about twice a week with no adverse side effects. I haven’t broken out or had any allergic reaction to this product. When I wash my face in the evening, everything still looks fine.

I really do love this product and will repurchase when I run out.



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