Linda’s Top 3 Beauty Blunders

Linda's-3-beauty-blunders imageI believe makeup has no rules. Do what you please and be happy. With that said, how many times have you done your makeup a certain way, feeling fab & hot, then look back years later asking, “What the hell was I thinking?!” Don’t feel bad. We’ve all done them: cringe-worthy beauty blunders.

If you think you’ve never had a beauty blunder, you’re either: a) lying, b) abnormally lucky or c) probably too young to look back & realize.

I put together a list of my own top makeup mistakes, and hopefully, although highly unlikely, I will not have another case this extreme again!

1. Outlining my lips with lipliner
Yep – I remember being 15 with only lipliner lined around the edge of my lips. The rest of my lips were not filled in. Was I going for a chola look? Who knows. The 90s were so long ago!

2. Way too thick, dark brows
Ahhh… the late 90s again. Filling in your brows to thicken them is one thing, but tweezing your brows to the edge of existence and then lining & filling them with a dark brown pencil is a whole other story. Bold brows are pretty, but mine were way too masculine!

3. Trying to turn powder into concealer
My former roommate can testify to this. There were several times in my very early 20s that I packed powder under my eyes to try and lighten them. I looked like a goof with backward raccoon eyes. I have heavy, hereditary dark circles. Nothing will ever make them disappear, but I have learned to hide them better with orange concealer!

I want to know – what are your top beauty blunders?


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