Lime Crime Black Friday Buys: Pink Velvetine and 6th Element Eye Liner

Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine and 6th Element Liquid EyelinerI scored Lime Crime’s newest Velvetine – Pink Velvet – on Black Friday at a 20% discount. I saved $4, which isn’t much but still excited me! =)

Velvetines are lip stains that dry down matte, are long-wearing and pretty much touch-proof. They come in 3 colors: Red Velvet – a deep, rich red, Suedeberry – a brighter, strawberry red, and Pink Velvet – this gorgeous hot pink.

Lime Crime Pink Velvetine Swatch

I’m not a huge fan of mattes, as I feel some of them are too drying on my lips and will flake off. This was not a problem with Pink Velvet. I applied a balm and a clear lip liner all over, then applied Pink Velvet. The color hugged my lips and did not budge, transfer or smear for hours. It wasn’t too drying, although I did have to reapply lip balm half way through the night, but that is normal for me when using mattes.

Lime Crime Pink Velvet Lips Swatch

I drank, ate, laughed and talked throughout my evening wearing Pink Velvet, and when I came home the color was almost as vivid as when I first applied it.

I only wish this came in more colors. I’m one of those people who fear red, so I always opt for a nice pink, purple or orange. Radiant Orchid would be an awesome Velvetine for 2014! =)

Lime Crime 6th Element Liquid Eyeliner Swatch

Along with my brand spankin’ new Pink Velvet, I also ordered this super pretty 6th Element Liquid Eyeliner. I was looking for an orange liner that wasn’t muted and would pop, and luckily for me this was the only available liner on (until they restock).

Lime Crime 6th Element Eye Swatch

6th Element is a smudge-proof liquid liner that brightly lines my eyes. The color is a vivid orange and definitely makes a statement, albeit not quite as loud as Pink Velvet. Even though it is smudge-proof, it’s waterproof enough to get me through a few hours without smear, but not completely waterproof that I can wear it worry-free throughout my day thanks to my watery eyes. The outside corners of my eyes will lightly smear if my eyes are especially watery that day.

Still – I love this color and love to use it in a double line above black. As soon as Orchidaceous comes back in stock, I plan to buy that one, too!

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