Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner

Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner |

Don’t you hate it when your friends love a product, but that product doesn’t work for you? It could be a new highlighter, face primer, or in my case, a shampoo & conditioner duo. I understand that all products and people are different, so we obviously can’t all like the same thing, but to hear rave after rave for a product, and then have that product not work for me is kind of a bummer. Such is life, I suppose.

I received Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner to review from iFabbo. I was really excited about these products because my hair really needs added volume and smoothing help.

Before trying it out, I read a few other blogger reviews gushing about these products. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t a fan. I’m not saying these are bad products. I’m just saying they don’t work for me.

Keranique shampoo bottle

As soon as you open up the bottle, you are overpowered with a booming peppermint scent. It’s very overwhelming. Most of the time, I am not a fan of peppermint, and this was no different. I almost hopped out of the shower for fresh air! If you like peppermint, you’ll probably be pleased.

The shampoo felt nice & tingly on my scalp, and I was able to build up a nice lather. It rinsed well and my hair felt clean, so I had high hopes for the conditioner. Sadly, the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner was not my friend. I applied a little more than a dollop to my wavy & frizz-prone medium length hair. I realized that wasn’t enough, so I applied another dollop and felt like that wasn’t enough either. I had to apply way more than my normal conditioner for it to feel like “enough.”

Keranique conditioner bottle

After my shower, I still felt like I needed either a detangler or leave-in conditioner. My brush was having a hard time combing through my hair. When I dried my hair, it didn’t feel silky, shiny, volumized, or any of the promises the brand claimed.

I was pretty disappointed these hair products didn’t work out for me, but my hair is very finicky at times. But that is life – you have to find products that work for you. Even though I won’t be using these products any more, Keranique’s Thickening & Texturizing Mousse has piqued my curiosity.


  1. Katy says:

    These products were awful for my hair! They damaged it so bad, it took weeks to get it back to normal. Terrible products 🙁
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