Keep Concealer from Creasing Under Your Eyes

How To Keep Concealer From Creasing Under Your EyesI have a huge problem with concealer creasing under my eyes. I have very oily skin and huge sunken-in dark circles. (Thanks, Mom!) Seeing me without makeup is not a pretty sight!

I’ve tried different techniques to reduce the creasing, and although they did help, I was still searching for that one technique that made a world of difference.

I never thought about putting makeup setting spray under my makeup, until I read a post by Kevin James Bennett. Obviously, because I am a huge fan of Kevin, I decided to give his tips a try. And really – I can’t believe I had not tried them sooner.

I modified the steps slightly to fit me better.

1. Prep the skin with a primer.

2. Spray a concealer brush lightly with makeup setting spray (I use Skindinavia) and apply it carefully to the under-eye area. Let it dry.

3. Apply your concealer (I use a cream concealer) to the area using the same concealer brush. Blend it well and pat it in lightly with your finger.

4. Take a clean wedge makeup sponge and spray lightly with the same setting spray.

5. Press (don’t pull) the damp sponge over the under-eye area where you applied your concealer. Allow it to dry.

6. Run your concealer brush over a tissue to wipe any excess makeup off the brush and use it to apply loose powder to the under-eye area.

7. Take your wedge makeup sponge, spray lightly with your setting spray and press over the under eye area one final time. Allow it to dry.

All done.

This works for me, and I hope it works for you, too!


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