Just Meh… Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Femme Artistry Set

sephora-radiant orchid-set

Have you ever wanted something but waited to buy it because you felt it was too expensive? Then when it goes on sale, you snatch it up and say, “Frick Yaaaaaasss!” because you’re super excited about your new makeup? And in the end, excitement turns to disappointment as you try your unsatisfying products.

That’s how I feel right now. I recently bought Sephora + Pantone Radiant Femme Artistry Set for 2014’s color of the year: Radiant Orchid. A little late to the game, but I waited to purchase it because of the $75 price tag. Once it hit the sale section, I bought it for $39. I was eying this since its release, so I was thrilled to finally hit that purchase button.

Now, the collection isn’t all bad. In fact, 3 of the 6 pieces are pretty rock star. Unfortunately, 2 other pieces that I had high hopes for did not meet my expectations.

sephora-radiant orchid-open2014 sephora-pantone-radiant orchid-swatches

Gazing Paint Liquid EyeLiner is a pretty lavender-orchid shade. I don’t have an eyeliner color similar to this, so I was very enthusiastic for it. It’s very smooth and lines across the eyelid easily, but smears instantly at first contact with water. For a person with watery eyes, I can’t have that.

Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick is a gorgeous, vivid orchid-pink and comes in a cute case that feels like metal, but the top lid is plastic. It has a magnet closure and the lipstick has a sweet, candy-like fragrance that I really enjoy. It’s very creamy and moisturizing for a matte lipstick. It’s also long wearing and a stellar product – my favorite from the set.

Ravishing Dew Cream Blush feels a bit too oily at first, but blends nicely. It’s highly pigmented and extremely easy to over apply, so be careful. A little bit of blush goes a long way. It doesn’t set right away and gives you some wiggle room to blend, although it does lightly stain your cheeks. This color is charming and bright, so don’t expect a natural looking flush from Radiant Orchid. It is purple after all.

Flash Dew Luminizer is… interesting. You’re supposed to be able to use this as a highlighter over your cheeks, cupid’s bow, brows and eyes, but it’s packed with glitter, so I can really only wear it on my eyes. It’s excessively watery and runny, and the formula spreads easily so you have to be careful on where and how you apply it. The Luminizer settles, so shake it up well each time you use it.  This is definitely not for everyday looks and more for costume or club makeup.

Ambrosia Lacquer nail polish is pretty awesome. I love the deep purple glitter shade, and after I apply two coats, I’m golden.

The orchid makeup bag is actually less pretty in person. It’s not bad, but I’ll probably gift it to someone who loves it more than I do.

What was the last “meh” product you purchased?


  1. Audrey says:

    The last “meh” product I purchased was probably my last foundation brush…I was so excited for it, and the next day realized my foundation applies so much better when I just do quick swirls with my fingertips.

    The palette is interesting… I’m glad it wasn’t all a miss for you!


    • Beautzy says:

      I know what you mean! I bought a new foundation brush, but after a couple uses I went back to my old, trusty one.

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