J.Cat Beauty Wonderfully Wondrous Wonder Lip Paints

JCat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints

At PHAMExpo earlier this year, I was introduced to a marvelous beauty brand named J.Cat Beauty. I’ve heard raves of their Wonder Lip Paints, but seeing them in person really piqued my interest. Plus, anything with Alice in Wonderland themed names will always receive instant awesome points!

I received two to try and purchased the third. In order on the top photo, the shades are: Mad Splatter – a multidimensional pink-red-fuchsia, Mimsy – an easy skin-matching nude, and Ches Desire Cat – a pretty cool lavender.

jcat beauty wonder lip paint swatches

J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints are liquid lipsticks with incredible staying power. They are unbelievably pigmented with a nice light consistency. Because it’s so light, it’s quite easy to over-pour. Trust me on this –  a little bit of product goes a very long way.

Wonder Lip Paints have a sweet mint fragrance, but disappears after a few minutes. Once applied, it’s very smooth and almost weightless. I forgot I was wearing Mad Splatter until I looked in the mirror and saw my awesome bright lips!

If I wear the paints for 4-5 hours, my lips never feel dry or in need of a reapply. If I go an extended amount of time, 6-8 hours, I’ll need to apply lip balm and lightly reapply Wonder Lip Paints in the center of my lips where it has worn away.

jcat beauty mad splatter

jcat beauty mimsy

jcat beauty ches desire cat

I love that these last through a light snack and drink. But I do need to reapply after a large meal, which is the same for every lip product I own (maybe it’s the way I eat!). So you can freely wear Wonder Lip Paints all night if you don’t plan on chowing down on heavy foods.

Don’t apply too much paint on your lips, otherwise it has a tendency to bleed. I apply a small amount in the center of my lips and blend out. I never have a problem with bleeding when I apply this way.

Many compare Wonder Lip Paints with OCC Lip Tars, and I have to agree. They are a similar consistency and last almost as long as a Lip Tar. The biggest difference? Wonder Lip Paints only cost $4.99!

You can score your own J.Cat Beauty products at jcatbeauty.com.

Some products in the post were provided by J.Cat Beauty for review purposes. My opinions in this post are my own and not affected by any press product.


  1. Audrey says:

    These are so darn cool! I am a confessed over applier of lip balm, so if I actually managed to pull off four hours in these I would be super excited! $5 is a steal too.

    • Beautzy says:

      I’m a balm-aholic, too, but these are surprisingly comfy to wear. =)

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