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Continuing my company introductions from Cosmoprof, here is a brand new favorite I fell for even before trying the products: ittse.

ittse is new California based makeup company that features a fun and whimsical, yet contemporary style. ittse’s take on makeup is it should be completely customizable and fun. With their packaging and products, they managed to make cute into something very sleek.


The packaging is to-die-for and features a girl named ittse and her dog Bernard. I’m a sucker for dogs so I was immediately drawn in. The website is also very charming and shares stories of ittse and Bernard’s life adventures. It’s extremely interactive, and definitely one you should check it out:


ittse’s product line features 3 magnetic palettes that allow for endless customizations — all of ittse’s makeup products [eyeshadow, brow powder, complexion powders] are pan-only and not in premade, glued compacts. Since ittse’s products are all customizable, I don’t have to worry about pulling out and working from a number of individual pans. I place them all in a palette or two and blend away.

I can create one palette for eyes or for going-out makeup, and another palette for my complexion makeup or smoky eyeshadow shades I know look good on me. Each palette holds 12 eye or brow pans OR 9 eye or brow pans plus 2 complexion pans OR 6 complexion pans.


The magnetic palettes are sleek and feel exceptionally elegant. They are made from vegan-leather, so you know no animals were harmed, but feel just like real leather. The magnetic closure lets me know my palette is closed and makes traveling a breeze. I can swap out eyeshadows or blushes for an overnight trip, or bring along several palettes for a longer one. It is also purse friendly and fits in any regular sized handbag. And the best part [for me, anyway] is the palettes are easy to clean. I can wipe them down with a damp cloth without worrying about damaging the palette.

ittse currently has over 100 makeup products for eyes, cheeks, complexion and brows. They will also be releasing lip products early next year! The quality of the products is impeccable. I haven’t swatched every single product they make, of course, but all the eyeshadows, blushes and brow pans I do have feel velvety smooth and amazingly pigmented. All the shades are paraben-free, gluten-free and animal-friendly. And ittse does not test on animals. Yay!

ittse5 ittse6

Finally, let’s talk about price. The upscale-styled palette costs $21.99 and currently comes in 3 shades. The eyeshadow pans are $7.99 each, brow pans are $6.99 each, and mattifying powder, blush, highlighting and bronzing powders are $8.99 each. Considering one single Urban Decay shadow costs $18, ittse’s $8 average is a great price.

Check out all of ittse’s shades and products at

The products in the post were provided by ittse. My opinions in this post are my own and not affected by any press product.

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