IMATS 2014 Recap + Haul

Imats 2014 Pro Night Recap and HaulIMATS 2014 was definitely overwhelming and excellent! Although I only attended Pro Night, all the #IMATS photos I’m seeing look amazing. There were sooo many people, which just makes me more glad that I was able to attend Pro Night on Friday.

Before IMATS, I attended a Makeup Master Class with Kevin James Bennett and Crown Brush’s Blogger Crown Social. I’ll post about those later this week.

I ran into the Pasadena Convention Center with @Ahleessa4Realz shortly after 5:00pm. I only had 2 hours to shop, so like a madwoman I went directly to the booths I knew I wanted to buy from, sprinting and darting around people, then made a roundtrip back to check out all the other vendors. @Ahleesa4Realz was a trooper for hanging in there with me!

I first hit up the Embryolisse booth and met the lovely Robin of Purely Cosmetics. She recognized my name from a business of mine years ago, and I was caught off guard that she did! She’s a sweet person and if I wasn’t in a hurry, I would have loved to gab with her some more.

Embryolisse Hydra-Mat & Lait-Creme Concentre

My next stop was to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics to check out their new line of pencils. I picked up 2 – Grandma & Hoochie, along with Tarred and Feathered Lip Tars. In line, Jeffree Star was standing right next to me! I was a little star struck, but it also made sense as to why service was slow at OCC. He was the focus! I wish I would’ve grabbed a photo.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars and  Cosmetics Colour Color Pencils

After OCC, I picked up some Red Cherry Eyelashes and LA Girl Pro Conceal because I heard it was amazing. I picked up a few to pop in my kit since they were so cheap! I wish they had dark tones, but I can’t wait to play with them to see what all the hype is about.

La Girl Pro Concealer & Red Cherry Lashes

My next stop was BeautySoClean. I knew I had to buy their show special because this stuff rocks! I use it to disinfect my powders and lippies, and it doesn’t change the texture, scent or consistency. For $46, I got 3 sizes of Cosmetic Sanitizing Mists (for powders), 1 box of Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes (for lipsticks), and 2 sizes of Brush Cleanser, including one that smells like cake pops!

Beauty So Clean Haul

After BeautySoClean, we headed over to the Nyx Cosmetics booth to check out their new makeup. There were so many amazing products that I wanted to grab, like their BB Cream and new eyeshadow palettes, but I resisted and just purchased Butter Lipstick, Chunky Dunk Pencil, latex-free lash glue and this amazing gold shimmering lip gloss. I can’t wait to use it on top of a bold lipstick!

Nyx Cosmetics Haul

We then went over to the Lime Crime / Naime’s area. The Naime’s line was pretty long, so I decided to skip it. I wanted to get some more Lime Crime lipsticks, but there was an unhappy employee there that almost killed my mood. It was very weird, but I just brushed it off and happily went on my way without any new products. Still – I love Lime Crime and one frigid employee isn’t going to keep me from buying in the future.

Because of my KJB class, I knew I had to pick up a set bag. He carries everything he needs in one, and I need to learn how to minimize! I’m having a hard time doing that. I picked up a basic black lined bag at the Frends booth, but I’m still unsure I can make everything fit! =P

Frends Stilazzi Large Set Makeup Bag

I had a great time and even with the large crowds, buying new products is always fun.

If you attended, show me your hauls! I love to see what everyone purchased.


  1. Haha~ I had fun shopping like a madwoman with you! 🙂 I thought you only got one NYX Butter Lipstick. You actually got 2. I’m so in love with them. I might get more… lol~ :X
    Ahleessa recently posted…Manicure Monday: KKCenterHK Sneakers Water DecalMy Profile

    • Beautzy says:

      Eep! I haven’t tried mine yet. But they sound addicting!

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