iFabbo Social Media Conference Recap – Part 2

iFabbo San Francisco Conference Part 2In part 1 of my iFabbo recap, I mentioned how amazing the conference was. We got to hear from a number of fantastic panelists and they offered great tips, ideas and suggestions for having and maintaining a blog.

During the conference, I was frantically trying to write down everything that was important, which was quite alot of writing. Not until the end of the day did it hit me that I could also purchase the entire conference recap on Spreecast. If you’re still interested in viewing the iFabbo conference, the cost is only $9.99 to watch every panel.

I’m going to run through a few key topics that I thought were very important for bloggers. There was so much information provided and this just barely touches the surface. I recommend purchasing the recap and watching the entire conference for yourself!

PR Panel

Find your voice, identity. What do you represent and who do you speak to? PR reps look for that when you try to create a relationship with them.

When pitching to a PR rep, banding together with other bloggers is a great idea. Each blogger will bring a unique perspective to the review.

Make sure your social media accounts are not just blasting out “look at my blog” posts. You want to provide real content in your tweets and fb postings.

Social Media Panel

Be consistent in your posts so readers know when to expect you. If needed, schedule your tweets and posts ahead of time.

One benefit of Google+ is the more you use it, the better SEO and more up the rankings you will be.

Don’t create blanket posts for all your social media channels. Tweak them or post fresh content because many readers follow you on multiple channels.

Facebook Ads are a great way to increase followers. Don’t spend too much – $2 a day will increase your engagement.

Photography/Videography Panel

Take your photos during “golden hour” for amazing light and look – one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset.

A little touch of weirdness in videos is good.

The latest version of Photoshop has amazing new features to make your blurred photos clear and covering unnecessary objects easy. (After viewing the demo, I WILL upgrade!)

Legal Zone Panel

Bloggers need to disclose every product received in endorsements. In social media, use the hashtags #ad or #sponsored every time.

When working with a company, get everything in writing.

Watermark every photo of yours. NEVER watermark someone else’s photo.

Always get permission from the owner before using a photo you did not take. Always. Better yet – take your own photographs.

Just because you credit the source does not mean you have the right to use the photo. Credit does not equal permission.

Monetizing Your Blog Panel

VigLink turns pieces of text in your posts into links. You earn revenue when a purchase is made off a click. (I just signed up for VigLink and used my referral link.)

To gain more clicks when using Google Adsense, make your ads match your blog. Change the color scheme and remove the borders.

Do not partner with a brand solely for the purpose of receiving money. You always want to be honest with your readers and you want them to keep coming back. If they can tell you’re not genuine, they won’t.

Future of Fashion & Beauty in Digital Space Panel

There is alot of social media fatigue going on, so make sure to have quality posts over quantity.

Know where your audience is – be more active where your audience is. For example, if your traffic is coming mostly from FB, be more active on FB.

Always make sure your site is mobile friendly!


Again, there was MUCH more information discussed that I haven’t posted. If you can, watch the Spreecast of the event.

After attending iFabbo, I’m making a number of changes to my future blog posts!


  1. Great recap with key take-aways! I think the legal and monetization aspects were where I learned the most… The journey to maturing a blog into a viable business entity looks pretty involved. 🙂

    ~ lauriel


    • Beautzy says:

      Thanks, Lauriel. I agree – I think I learned the most from the legal panel. I keep going back and back over my notes because there was so much information handed out throughout the day!

  2. It was fab meeting you! I’m glad you had a good time and hope to see you next year! (Also, random – didn’t realize you were a fellow BBCer until now! I blame the medicine!)
    Krystal E. recently posted…butter LONDON Holiday!My Profile

    • Beautzy says:

      Nice meeting you, too! I just joined BBC a few weeks ago, but I’m loving all the FB group posts.

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