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I love awesome nerd-fun products. If it’s related to Star Wars, Super Mario Bros anything, Sailor Moon, etc.. (you get the idea), then I want it. I’ve subscribed to Loot Crate in the past, but felt it was better suited for my husband and felt something was lacking in that box. A little more girly fun, maybe?

I was browsing Facebook and saw a review for Gamer Girl Monthly. Once I visited their site, I knew I had to subscribe. It just sounded so perfect – geekdom and jewelry!

Gamer Girl Monthly - August products |

I received the August box and was not at all disappointed. My box came with a total of 4 items plus a little pouch. I was sad I missed out on the July box after seeing the amazing Sailor Moon inspired necklace, but fortunately, was able to add that to my August box for an additional $10 [see necklace below].

Let’s see what’s inside:

Gamer Girl Monthly - jewelry closeup | www.beautzy.comLegend of Zelda Navi Inspired Necklace
I’ve spent more than a few restless nights playing anything Zelda, so this little necklace hit my sweet spot. [Navi is also the character on the included pouch.]

Yoshi Plush Keychain
How adorable is this? Yoshi is my go-to character in Super Smash Bros.! I’ve always loved Yoshi ever since he first appeared in Super Mario World.

Eevee Pokémon Charm Bracelet
I haven’t played Pokémon since college, but this bracelet is too charming not to wear. It feels a little flimsy, but that won’t stop me from wearing it.

GLaDOS Companion Cube Earrings
I had to google GLaDOS because neither I nor my husband knew anything about it. I don’t know what Portal the game is, but I do know these earrings are super cute.

Paid Extra: Sailor Moon Crescent Wand Necklace
I’m tempted to order a second necklace in case this one breaks. It’s stunning!

The August Gamer Girl Monthly really took me back to my gamer days. Although I don’t have the time to play many games anymore (except MyVegas – free Vegas rooms!), I still love them and the characters. This box really made me want to dust off my Wii and get back to the fun.

If you like costume jewelry and gamer-inspired items, this is definitely a fun box to try. Visit for more info.

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