Flower Beauty Double Take in Lovely Lilac

Flower Beauty Double Take in Lovely Lilac

In my #LuckyFabb swag bag, I received this pretty little eye duo from Drew Barrymore’s beauty company, Flower. This is my first Flower product, and all the reviews I read were mixed, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Opening the package, there was this sweet quote from Drew behind the duo: “You cannot be ashamed of the journey that it took to get where you are if you are proud of yourself.” If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

Flower Beauty Package Affirmation

Double Take Eye Marker and Crème Eyeshadow in Lovely Lilac is a travel friendly, 2-in-1 eye product. One end contains a cream eyeshadow with a doe foot applicator, and the other is a felt-tip eye liner with a double barrel cap so it doesn’t dry out. It’s available in 3 pretty colors at Walmart – Lovely Lilac, Poolside Kiss (green) and Steel a Kiss (deep purple).

Flower Beauty Double Take in Lovely LilacLovely Lilac Crème Eyeshadow is a charming soft lavender with little flecks of gold sparkle. It’s a medium consistency – neither too thick nor too watery. It does apply lightly, so you need double or triple layers to get good coloring, although porcelain skin babes may only need 1 layer. It takes more time to dry than I’m used to for a cream product, and fanning my eyes helps to speed up drying time. Once it dries, it’s a very attractive color and when it hits the light just right, the little gold flecks pop and shimmer.

Flower Beauty Double Take in Lovely Lilac SwatchThe Eye Marker is a cool deep black on a thick felt tip point. I had a hard time applying a thin line, but thick cat eyes are my middle name, so I was fine with a thicker line. The Eye Marker is not water or smear proof, so if your eyes are prone to watering like mine, expect it so smudge and run.

I had problems applying the marker OVER the cream eyeshadow. The felt tip marker kept skipping over my eyelid, so liquid eyeliner instead of felt tip would have been a better choice. Here’s a little tip: Apply the eye marker first, then apply cream eyeshadow and touch up the eye marker after if necessary. No skipping.

I love the Crème Eyeshadow, but I’m meh about the Eye Marker. Because of allergies, my eyes water constantly. I can only use eyeliner that is waterproof and long lasting. Still, the eyeshadow is so beautiful that I’m going to check out Flower’s other products.

The product in the post was provided by LuckyFabb. My opinions in this post are my own and not affected by any press product.

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