Exscrub Me Citrus Face Scrub

Beautisol Exscrub Me Citrus Face ScrubExscrub Me by Beautisol is my newest favorite facial scrub. I received this product from iFabbo to try and am excited to share the goodness with you.

Exscrub Me is formulated for all skin types, contains Jojoba beads to help remove dead skin and is infused with certified organic orange peel, lemon and grapefruit extracts, which leaves skin clean and rejuvenated.

The light citrus scent is heavenly. It’s not overwhelming; instead it’s just a breezy scent that fits the season perfectly.

Exscrub Me BottleExscrub Me effortlessly removed dirt, grime and dead skin cells from my face without being too harsh on my skin. The Jojoba beads evenly rubbed over my semi-sensitive skin without giving me any type of reaction. Sometimes when scrubs are too hard, my face will feel super sensitive the next day. This just felt pleasant!

Exscrub Me with Jojoba Beads ScrubThe gentle exfoliant didn’t leave me with that gross, super-slick feeling (that is horrible for your skin BTW) I normally get from scrubs. This deep cleansing facial scrub left my skin feeling refreshed and ready to start my work day.

Exscrub Me is also perfect to use before your face self-tan application. The facial scrub will remove impurities and give you softer, more even skin, making the tan apply much more uniformly.

I’m tan enough so I don’t self-tan, but I do love how smooth and clean this mild scrub makes my skin feel.

The product in the post was provided by the manufacturer for consideration. My opinions in this post are my own and not affected by any press product.

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