Enkore Makeup Pro Brush Soap Review

Enkore Makeup Pro Brush SoapI can’t say enough good things about Koren Zander’s Brush Soap. I love his YouTube videos and he’s such a sweet and funny person, so I was very excited to finally get my hands on the extremely coveted Brush Soap!

I received a sample size at The Makeup Show earlier this year and fell in love after the first time I used it. I bought a full size brush soap at the Morphe Brushes Grand Opening, and even got a mini floral I’ll use in a giveaway soon.

The full size brush soap has 2 sides. The first side is a very deep conditioning soap that contains a number of different moisturizing & conditioning oils for use on both natural and synthetic brushes. The 2nd side is a loofah to help loosen makeup residue and deep clean brushes.

I have English Rose, Lavender and Pear Berry and they all smell exceptional! Pear Berry is my favorite of the 3.

Enkore Makeup Brush Soap lathered really well. I had a foamy, fun sink. One wash and all my brushes cleaned easily and were super soft after they dried. Really – super soft!

This is the only deep conditioning brush cleanser I will ever use now! I still use my Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner in between washings, but as for deep cleaning, I don’t need to try anything else.

My next goal is to get my hands on Koren’s Lip Yogurt. It sounds amazing!

Enkore Makeup Brush Soap Koren Zander


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