Cult Nails Lacquer in Blaze has a special place in my heart

Cult Nail Polish BlazeOh how I wish I were a nail blogger! Their artistically painted nails and cute patterns and effects make me wish I had pretty nails. But I don’t. I also don’t have the patience for nails. Nail bloggers always amaze me with their crazy detailed skills.

I’m not much into blogging about polishes, but this color – Blaze – is something I have to share.

Warning: Sad story ahead. In order for you to understand how much I adore this color, I have to tell this story.

I received this bottle at The Makeup Show earlier this year, but I didn’t start wearing it until Mother’s Day. I was going through a rough time during Mother’s Day, and unfortunately several events occurred that caused us to have to skip the day.

I had just lost 2 aunts on my dad’s side. TWO. They passed away only a week apart, and needless to say it was a sad time in my family. That was not the end of it. Another aunt, this time on my mom’s side, was also extremely sick. My mom’s sister was very close to us and spent much of her time with my mom, especially during these last few years after my dad’s passing. Unfortunately, the doctor told us to make her comfortable because her time was near. We pulled her out of the hospital and allowed her to spend the last few days at home. The home nurse was amazing, and I can never thank him enough for the care he took over my aunt.

Sadly, she passed away on Mother’s Day of this year. Strangely enough, my dad’s brother – my uncle and godfather – passed away on Father’s Day 15 years ago.

Early in the morning, shortly after my aunt peacefully passed away, I had to drive from my uncle’s house to mine to pick up specific photos of my aunt. I wasn’t wearing makeup, my hair was a mess, I only had about 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, and I didn’t care how I looked. But for some reason, I looked down at my feet and noticed my nail polish was awfully chipped. I don’t know why I stopped to apply a coat of polish – maybe to make myself feel better, maybe to take my mind off things for two quick minutes. Either way, I grabbed what was near and applied one heavy coat of Blaze over my tootsies and headed on my way.

Back at my uncle’s house, crying and sobbing in a room with other crying and sobbing people, I walked outside to get a breathe of fresh air. I was standing with my sisters when my cousin, only a couple feet away, stopped in the middle of a sentence, looked down at my toes and gleefully exclaimed what a crazy pretty color of polish I was wearing.

That one happy moment in the midst of a day of sadness completely stuck with me. It’s engraved in my brain and when I look at Blaze, I don’t see another glittery copper polish – I see a gorgeous nail polish filled with joy, happiness and a moment of peace.

Cult Nails Blaze Color SwatchesBlaze nail lacquer by Cult Nails is a pretty, shimmery goldish-copper color. It’s very sparkly without being over-the-top in-your-face glitter. I like to use 2 coats over a clear base coat and usually never wear a top coat. It lasts quite a few days without chipping, and it’s such a great color my for tan skin.

This is my first polish from Cult Nails, but definitely not my last. Even when Blaze runs out, I don’t think I’ll ever toss this bottle away.


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  1. Wow…I really loved this blog post. It really speaks about how just taking a couple minutes in the toughest situation can make us turn our whole mood around, even if it’s just for a brief moment.
    I’m right with you on never tossing that little bottle away. It has special meaning ♥

    • Beautzy says:

      Thanks! That’s the only bottle I keep on my nightstand. 🙂


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