Cuccio Colour Nail Polish and So Much More


Besides attending Cosmoprof in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I also attended several off-site cocktail parties that were hosts to several brands. That’s where I met Cuccio Colour.

As I stated before, I suck at doing my own nails, and unlike makeup, I typically stick to the same nail brands. These cocktail parties threw me into the world of nail polish and made me embrace my polish side.

I’ve never heard of Cuccio Colour before, but they’ve been on nails since the ’80s. The shades range from cool & natural to bright & colorful and deep & vamp. There are tons of shades available, but these pictured below are my personal treasures.

Cuccio also has a natural hand, nail and footcare treatment line, Cuccio Naturale, and a gel-polish and acrylic line, All Seasons Professional (ASP).


Anthony Cuccio was there in person to feature his product lines: Cuccio Colour, Cuccio Naturale and ASP. I adore when owners love their brand so much, they showcase the products themselves. iheartoffbeat and I spoke with Mr. Cuccio for a bit and chatted about his line, California and his office. He was so sweet and fun to speak with.

When I opened the bag of press samples after the event, I could not believe my eyes. Cuccio provided us with plenty to try! The photos here are only a mere portion of the products.


I was ecstatic to receive a gel polish kit, considering I’ve never tried gel before (I know, right?!). Besides the gorgeous nail polish shades, my favorite item in the bag was the ASP Soak Off Gel Polish Removal system (2nd photo above). You soak a little sponge (provided) with nail polish remover, place it in the cap, then stick your finger in the cap. It easily removes polish. Can you imagine how well this works for glitter polish? Sounds like a definite time saver and annoyance reducer. I hate removing glitter.

You can find Cuccio Colour, Cuccio Naturale and ASP at Sally Beauty Supply.


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