Crown Brushes Elite Syntho Set Review

Crown Brushes SetHow many of you have used Crown Brushes before? Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve owned any Crown Brushes before this.

I was lucky enough to receive this fabulous Crown Brushes set after meeting their Director of Marketing at iFabbo earlier this month. This brush set contains 8 synthetic brushes and a really cool travel case.

These brushes might be synthetic, but they’re super soft. They feature sleek black handles, and I haven’t had any issues with shedding. They’re very easy to work with and blend makeup like a dream. Plus, the carrying case is fab!

To visit the in-laws and when going on vacation, I used to carry my brushes in a brush roll. The roll is easy to pack in my suitcase and has been my friend for a while, but with a brush roll, your brushes get all squished up. With this hard cover case, I can carry a number of brushes and the heads will keep their shape. Even if it winds up at the bottom of my heavy bag (which my brush roll usually does), I don’t worry about it. It’s easy to tote around and just looks pretty!

Crown Brushes are inexpensively priced, and the quality of these brushes is wonderful. This Elite Syntho Set with Deluxe Travel Case comes with 8 brushes for only $49.95.

Crown Brush Case

The case has a textured metallic cover, but appears matte in the photo without a flash, so I added one with a flash.

Crown Brushes Elite Syntho Set w/ Deluxe Travel Case
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