Crown Brush Elite Infinity Set

Crown Brush Elite Infinity Set with Deluxe Travel CaseBack in January, I attended the Crown Brush Social prior to IMATS Pro Night. I had a blast, got to chat with a few friends, and the highlight goody bag item from the night was my Crown Brush Elite Infinity Set. These are currently my favorite brushes from Crown Brush.

I have and constantly use the silver Elite Syntho Set, and the gold Infinity Set feels superior. I believe they are produced and made the same, but the gold just makes for a more gorgeous look.

Crown Brush Elite Infinity Set with Deluxe Travel Case Brushes Open GoldThe Elite Infinity Set contains 8 brushes in a very sturdy case with a magnetized closure. The case is very durable and perfect for travel, and it’s big enough to toss several more brushes inside if you wish. I always like to carry 2 different types of foundation and concealer brushes, so adding in one more of each still leaves me plenty of space.

Crown Gold Brushes Set - Elite InfinityThe brushes are vegan and synthetic, but very soft. Because they’re synthetic, all the brushes in this case can be used with any texture of makeup: powder, cream, cake or liquid. The bristles won’t absorb the makeup.

These brushes are currently on sale $39.95 on For a pretty case and 8 lavish brushes that will last, $39.95 is a steal!

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