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Earlier this year, I got a deluxe sample of Cover FX Custom Cover Drops to try with my Sephora purchase. There were only 3 shades available, so I just chose the darkest of the shades, N100. The other 2 were way too light, and I knew this would be way too dark, but I really wanted to try it with some of my lighter foundations. It’s been months, but I finally started using the drops last week and OMG – they are life changing!

I’m always tan, but I change 2-3 shades from Winter to Summer, maybe more. Ugh, the struggle. I never get red; I just tan. Because of that, I always custom blend my foundations. For summer, I take a winter shade and mix in a darker shade to get a match. On days when I’ve spent too much time in the sun a day or two prior, I have to change my blend. It’s a non-stop mixing and matching process. Thank goodness for those late winter days when I can use one single foundation.

When I mix my foundations, sometimes I mix a little too much. It’s a pain. I either have to trash the rest (what a waste) or package up the remaining mixture in a clear container. But that can cause a problem, too. If I wear the same foundation the next day, great. I can use that mix. But there are times I know I’m going to have a really long next day and need to pull out my long-wear foundation. Or I just don’t wear makeup for the next 2 days. I love makeup, but sometimes if I don’t need to go anywhere important on my days off, I won’t wear it. By the time I get back to my saved foundation, it’s runny and looks icky, so it gets thrown out.


My mixing issue has finally been solved thanks to Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. These drops contain concentrated pigments that allow me to customize my foundation shades.

I can take one foundation that is too light for me, whether it’s a matte, dewy or long-wear foundation, add in one drop of the dark Custom Cover Drops sample I received, mix and apply. Since the drops are very concentrated pigments and this sample is so dark, it takes just one or half of one drop to tan up my foundation to better match my skintone. It takes the guesswork out of mixing and I never have extra foundation to waste.

It also doesn’t change the finish of my foundation. My matte foundation stays matte, until my natural oils break through, of course.

Custom Cover Drops can also be mixed with serums, moisturizers, and primers. I can create a tinted moisturizer by mixing in with my day cream on those warm days I don’t want a ton of makeup on, or I can create a fuller coverage foundation by mixing in several drops of a similar color into my foundation. I’m definitely going to order two more bottles – one close to my summer skin tone and one 2-3 shades lighter, close to my winter skin tone. I might pick up the Cover FX Custom Blending Brush, too. It looks like it would blend foundation seamlessly.

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