City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette Review & Swatches

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette nopurch-affonly

I picked up the City Color Contour Effects Palette at Generation Beauty a few months ago, and it has now made its way into my regular makeup drawer. At first, I didn’t think much of it because it was only $5 at GenBeauty ($7.99 online), and bought it just because it was 5 bucks. But the more I use it, the more it becomes one of my favorite pieces of makeup.

I don’t contour a lot and when I do, I always use a light hand. I like to lightly apply contour under my chin and in the hollow of my cheeks. On special occasions, I’ll also add a bit of contour to the sides of my nose. I highlight over my brows, and again on big occasions over the tops of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose. Contouring my face is definitely not an everyday occurrence.

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette OpenThe City Color Contour Effects Palette comes with 3 shades to easily sculpt your face: a dark contour, a medium bronze and a shimmering pale highlight. The contour and bronze shades are both matte, and the highlight has a pearly shimmer finish.

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette Swatches

The palette also has an easy-to-follow guide explaining where to apply each color and a facial photo map.

The shades are really smooth and easy to blend. They’re very pigmented, so you don’t need to use too much to give your face shape and definition. I love that the bronze shade is matte because every other bronze color I own has a bit of shimmer.

Although I wish the highlight color was a bit more gold/champagne because of my tan skin, I still like it for my inner eye corners and lightly down my nose. I just use a teeny bit and blend well.

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette instructions and face chart

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette close up

This palette is more than perfect for travel because of its super thin size, and the $7.99 regular price is enticing me to order a back up.

I think my initial $5 was very well spent!



  1. Audrey says:

    I only ever wear earth tones – I know I should get out of my comfort zone! – but these look especially awesome. Love the pics and the deal!

    • Beautzy says:

      I get stuck in my comfort zone, too! It’s a good product for such a low price.

  2. Very affordable to “try-out” and see if it works for you. I’m a light-to-medium color in the summer months as I protect my face a lot from the sun. This is perfect for me and easy to apply/use/blend. I definitely recommend it.

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