Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights EOTD

Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights Peacock Blue and Tacky AdhesiveI can’t believe it took me so long to use this color. Yet another amazing product that has just been sitting in my drawer waiting for me to play with it.

Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights Shimmer in Peacock Blue is a really pretty peacock blue. It’s the perfect color description for it. It’s a shimmering blue with just a hint of green.

Hollywood lights is very vibrant and pigmented. It’s finely milled, and you definitely need to wear a primer or use their Hollywood Lights Tacky adhesive. It captures light so well, but it does have alot of fallout without the tacky.

Today’s EOTD is Peacock Blue with a little gold shimmer in the inside corner and lined with black pencil liner.

Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights Swatches

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