Ciate London Glitz Fix for Sparkly & Glittery Lips

Ciate Glitz Fix glitter lip kit

A few weeks ago I purchased Ciaté Glitz Fix at Sephora during a light shopping haul. I just couldn’t resist the fun sparkles! I’ve been playing with it here and there, and I love the way the red glitter looks on me. I think this specific glittery red will fit everyone.

Ciate Glitz Fix is a glitter lip kit that definitely makes an impact. It contains red glitter, Glitz Grip transparent sealer, and a fan brush and can be used alone or over any lipstick to create a fun combo-colored lip look.

Ciate Glitz Fix Glitz Grip SealerCiate Glitz Fix red glitterCiate Glitz Fix red glitter

There are two ways to apply: Add Glitz Grip to your lips – best applied in sections so it doesn’t dry too quickly – then apply the red glitter using the sponge applicator. Or you can apply Glitz Grip directly to the sponge applicator, dip the sponge applicator back into the glitter, then apply to your lips. Use the fan brush to sweep away any fallout or loose glitter.

Always pat on, never swipe. It will take several dips into the glitter to cover your entire mouth if you’re going for complete coverage.

The photos below are using Ciate Glitz Fix in different lighting. In basic light, the color matches the top photo. I decided to go for full coverage, but a light sparkle over your lips would look just as fun!

Ciate Glitz Fix red glitter lips1Ciate Glitz Fix red glitter lips2

Ciate Glitz Fix red glitter lips3

Removing Glitz Fix is easy. The packaging says to wipe with a makeup remover, but I’ve been using plain water and it works great.

With the Glitz Grip sealer, the glitter lasts for hours! I’ve only worn this for 4 hours or less, but it lasts the entire time I wear this. It does feel gritty, but remember you are wearing glitter on your lips. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable, though. I did find a couple red speckles in my teeth, but that is expected when rocking glittery lips.

This is a pretty little set and I think it would look great for Christmas or New Year’s parties!


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