6 Must-Have Face Beauty Products for a Shine-Free Summer

Today's high where I live is 108 degrees. Eek! That's pretty normal for this part of California, and even though you never truly get used to the heat, you do learn to live with it. That, and air conditioners rock. But making sure your makeup lasts all day does get tricky. Will you be indoors all … [Read more...]

How To Perfect a Salon Blow Out Infographic

I pretty much have 2 hairstyles: straight and a mix of curly/wavy. When I try to straighten my hair using a blowdryer and a round brush, I get a frizzy poof. So then I grab my trusty straightener to smooth my mane, but I lose that luscious blow out volume. Although I've been told many times to … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Party Idea: Kiss the Bride Goodbye Frame {Low Cost}

I hope you enjoyed my goody bag and beauty station posts from my Bachelorette Party Idea series. Today’s party idea was something I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with. The cost is almost ZERO and it's extremely easy to create, so if you like the idea, there is no reason not to do it. Kiss the … [Read more...]

15 Essential Items to Bring to a Blogger Conference

If you’re a fellow blogger or are looking to start a blog, attending a blogger conference is a smart idea. You’ll receive a wealth of information in just 1-2 days, and knowing the rights from the wrongs is a good way to start your blog journey. Plus, you get to meet a variety of new people during … [Read more...]

Learn to Shape Your Brows with this Handy Infographic

Are you looking to find the best shape for your eyebrows? Alight.com (yes - the plus-size clothing site I like to occasionally shop at) has created this great infographic on their blog that I think is fabulous, so with their permission, I'm sharing it with you. Eyebrows frame your face and can … [Read more...]